risk warning
Stock exchange transactions are associated with considerable risks. Anyone trading on the financial and commodity markets must first become familiar with the risks on their own. The analyses do not constitute an invitation to trade on the financial and commodity markets. The analyses are intended solely for illustrative purposes and further training.
Nevertheless, the customer acts at his own risk.
Peter Becker – www.footprint-trading.com does not claim completeness and infallibility of the published analyses.
Peter Becker – www.footprint-trading.com does not take any responsibility for possible losses, which result from stock exchange transactions of the customer.
In particular, Peter Becker- www.footprint-trading.com draws attention to the particularly high risks associated with derivative financial instruments. Trading in derivatives is a financial futures transaction; the opportunities are offset by corresponding risks, up to and including total loss.
Trading futures, forex and CFD ́s involves a high risk and is not suitable for every investor.
An investor may lose more than the paid-in capital. Only risk capital or parts of risk capital should be used for trading. Risk capital is money whose loss does not change the financial situation or affect life.
Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. Testimonials appearing on this website are not representative of other clients and are no guarantee of future performance or success.