Hybrid Trading Chartbooks


It is a hybrid trading system that means that Signals are issued in real time but the Entry must be made manually. The System is based on the NASDAQ 100 Instrument but takes trade confirmation Data from the ES500. A Long trade is only valid if the background is blue and a blue candle appears, a Short trade is a red Background with a red Candle. The grey Background is a high Volume per Second which speaks for a Stop run, except for News Events. 

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LIVE Trade of the Hybrid Chartbook

What is Hybrid Trading ? Hybrid trading is usually a strategy that is based on market internas and relieves the trader of the decision of a signal as far as possible. This means that a hybrid system gives signals as early as possible but as valid as necessary in order to relieve the trader of a certain part of the decision. The execution has to be done by the trader himself, it is not an automatic strategy! Most traders know the problem from practice: Where should I go? How do I know that the price is long or short ? . These problems block enormously with the actual task, namely the execution of a trade. A hybrid system has therefore clear advantages and allows a faster and more valid decision for or against a trade.

The Hybrid Trading Chartbooks are a trading system that has to be traded manually. However, it contains some helpful tools to set the stop based on the ATR, especially for inexperienced traders this can be helpful. The chartbook or system is only suitable for the NASDAQ100 or NQ, it takes signals from the NQ and ES500 for a long or short signal. The background is the weighting of the stocks in both indices. The NASDAQ100 is an index for the technology stocks, but the big tech companies are also based in the ES500. It is therefore the case that whoever buys these shares both indices rise. However, the NASDAQ100 does this much faster than the ES500 and is therefore particularly suitable for hybrid trading. If you are interested, I will be happy to explain how a signal is generated, and you are also welcome to watch the video of a live trade. 

You will find more information on my Youtube Kanal for the different ChartBooks. If you got questions you can contact me anytime.

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